EU President tell UK Brexit deal not feasible

Martin SCHULZ EP President, press point on Cyprus

The UK is asking for a Brexit deal that is “not feasible” for the EU, the President of the European Parliament has told Sky News.

German MEP Martin Schulz said, “access to the single market without freedom of movement is the request of the UK Government and that is for sure not feasible for the European Union”.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson appears to believe that such an agreement is possible.

Mr Schulz said: “The four freedoms of the EU are not negotiable, you cannot separate them … this is not possible – this is what leads to mistrust.”

The four freedoms are:

  • The free movement of goods.
  • The free movement of services and freedom of establishment.
  • The free movement of persons (and citizenship), including free movement of workers.
  • The free movement of capital.