PM: I’ll resign if anything links me to Egrant in Panama


Prime Minister Joseph Muscat declared that should anything link him or his wife Michelle to the company Egrant in Panama, he would resign.

“I am confident the inquiry will not find anything, because I know there is nothing to find, but if by any chance and for any reason, the inquiry concludes there is some sort evidence against me, or my wife – even some suspicion – of course I will assume my political responsibility and resign immediately,” he said, while being interviewed on One TV.

The Prime Minister said he would also expect the leader of the Nationalist Party Simon Busuttil to resign should the inquiry find nothing against Joseph Muscat but that decision would be up to Simon Busuttil.

The Opposition party have been throwing numerous allegations against the government without providing any evidence. Now it emerges that Nationalist MEP’s have been using EU funds for constituency offices to pay for offices in Pieta, something strictly forbidden by EU regulations.

Photo. PM Joseph Muscat interviewed on ONE TV.