Bogdanovic inquiry: No political interference


An inquiry led by retired AFM commander Carmel Vassallo into the case of a footballer arrested on charges of threatening his wife with a gun confirmed that a ministry official had contacted senior police officials, in what ultimately resulted in the release of Daniel Bogdanovic.

The chief of staff of parliamentary secretary Ian Borg, Jesmond Zammit,who is the coach of Xewkija Tigers, the club Bogdanovic plays for,  called Assistant Commissioner of Police Carmelo Magri.
Zammit has suspended himself pending the outcome of the inquiry.

The inquiry found no evidence of political pressure having been exerted on the police to release Bogdanovic.The inquiry also concluded that a conversation between the Superintendent and the Inspector of the Rabat, Gozo, police station preceded the release of Bogdanovic on police bail.

File photo.