“Biggest political lie” says PM on claims of Panama account


Prime Minister Joseph Muscat called a news conference on Thursday evening to stongly condemn and deny allegations made by blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia that both he and his wife Michelle had a bank account in Panama.

“This is the biggest political lie ever told in this country,” he told a swiftly-called news conference this evening.

“In front of the Maltese public, I swear, I categorically deny I had, or have, any type of undeclared account or company in Malta or overseas. We never signed any type of document which transfers shares of a company. I have never signed, never been offered to sign…”

“A lie like this cannot be ignored, especially when it is being substantiated in the most irresponsible and unethical way by the Opposition leader and his party‚Äôs media.”

The Prime Minister said that for long enough he had remained quiet in the face of numerous unfounded allegations made against him but the last straw was the inclusion of his wife and children in the allegations.